Live life on purpose

Living life on purpose

I’ve had a comprehensive career in media and digital marketing which means I’m like a Swiss army knife of strategic communication. Today, I’m Director of Digital Content and Channels at the NSW Department of Customer Service.

I was a TV reporter for Nine News, ABC News, and Sky News yet most people ask me about my stint as Prime Possum in regional NSW. Did you know there’s a cooling fan in the possum nose? I’ve been a leader in communication roles for 20 years and importantly I’ve had the twenty weeks’ of experience that really matters. In 2020 I managed media messaging for a high profile cyber crisis.

If creating powerful narrative were an Olympic sport, I’d share the podium with Brene Brown (she’s amazing) and David Boje (look him up).

More to the man

My childhood growing up in Sydney’s inner west is a treasured time of climbing the mulberry tree in our backyard with my brothers and sisters until it was too dark to see the red berry stains all over our hand-me-down clothes.

A combination of interest in drama and social justice meant journalism was a logical career path for more than a decade.


John Kerrison taking part in a race wearing running gear

It was a successful career with national and international reporting mixed with news reading.

Away from the office, I’m a portrait photographer.

My increasing portfolio of work is showcased on its own pages.

I’m a long distance runner for the Queer club, Sydney Frontrunners.