Pierre is another local to Sydney’s inner west. I was keen to head to the park and take a series of shots as we discussed the world, its problems and how to fix them. Pierre is a great conversationalist.

Pierre wears a military green T shjirt and rests against a paperbark tree. He looks to camera.

I encouraged Pierre to wear warm or earthy colours. The greens and browns complemented each other in the frame. The tones were pleasing.

The images are not sharp and that is intentional. Many of these images were taken with a Soviet produced manual lens for the 80s.

Pierre and I often meet for coffee and it can include a walk in the park. I took a number of shots featuring the lines and curves of the park’s gardens and fields

Limited edition art available soon

A number of pieces are being reviewed for possible printed sale as limited edition artworks. More information will be available in 2023. Updates also shared at https://www.instagram.com/jkerrison/