Ryan at rest

Meet Ryan. He’s a passionate runner and regularly visits the gym. He’d not been photographed before. The photo shoot happened in Newtown, Sydney, in April 2023

Ryan and I discussed this project while having coffee on Stanley Street in Darlinghurst, Sydney. We’d first met as running mates with Sydney Frontrunners, so our meeting was already relaxed. Ryan had expressed an interest in being photographed, and over coffee I quizzed him about his motivations. This was a bold move in many ways. He’d not been the subject of a fine art photography shoot before.

Ryan is incredibly photogenic, and his lack of experience as a model rarely showed. For the most part, our goal of creating something bold yet also intimate for the camera was easy.

Limited edition art available soon

A number of pieces are being reviewed for possible printed sale as limited edition artworks. More information will be available in 2023. Updates also shared at https://www.instagram.com/jkerrison/