The portraits

Jacopo Grabor in black and white looking towards light

Working with models

As an aspiring fine arts photographer, I’m looking for people who want to join me in creating beautiful work you’ll get to use and share. I want to capture the beauty, vulnerability and melancholy of masculinity. I take the work seriously.

The strongest men are not without fears. Sometimes these reflections surface when we have a moment to ourselves. Men are often portrayed in armour; men are said to go to battle, to fight, and struggle at everything from family life through to work. But there are times when men are soft and reflective.

I want my portfolio to capture the moments of reflection, where we take time out to ponder the texture of life.

Do you want a collection of beautiful images to use and share? You don’t have to be a professional model, but confidence infront of the camera helps.

My agreement with models is fair. You’ll get the collection of high resolution images to use for free. The images are not used for third party advertising, marketing or stock photo libraries.

New York Movie 1939 by Edward Hopper. Copyright Hopper. Owner, MOMA New York.

One of my favourite paintings by Edward Hopper shows an usherette lost in thought. What are her worries? What were the parts of her life that landed her in this moment? What is it about our thoughts, often in the dark, that consumes us?

Reach out on Instagram

You can see my growing collection of work at @jkerrison on Instagram

I’ll typically meet my models for coffee first. Making you comfortable is the art of the photo shoot. The shoot will likely have a theme, brief, intent that I’ll ask you to commit to. Sometimes it’s simple shots at the beach but that is rare. I’m keen for us to create beautiful work that captures a mood but also captures an essence of you.

Some accounts that I use for inspiration are:

To protect the Model and Photographer there is a release form which outlines the commitment.

  • I’ll take photographs and give the final high resolution shots to the model and provide these at no cost. There is no other payment to the model. The model can use these online for self promotion.
  • The copyright is retained by me, the photographer. I’m providing my time and talent at no cost to the Model.
  • The images are NOT sold to stock photo libraries and are not used for third party marketing or advertising collateral for unrelated products. They may be sold as part of my collection of fine art images as prints or inclusions in books or similar art works.

Nic joined me for this shoot in 2022.

The work of Edward Hopper, the contemporary American painter, influences so much of what I want to create. I want my portraits to capture the moments where we reflect. There’s beauty in the images but also a melancholy.

See Nic’s picture here.